Last week I blogged about the potential dangers of using free public Wi-Fi. If doing this makes you a bit nervous, why not use your phone as your personal hotspot? Since I started my business a couple of years ago, whenever I travel or am working from a café, I always use my personal hotspot. But doing this can have its security risks as well.

Last year I attended a networking event and the guest speaker had previously worked in online security for the Police Force. She had some great points and tips on why you need to keep your information private and how to do it.

The best tip I took away from this talk was to change the name of my Personal Hotspot. The name of your hotspot is defaulted to the name of your phone ie mine was “Leanne’s phone”. Having a super-cautious mother who refused to buy me a t-shirt with my name on it when I was a child, I am ever-wary with a lot of things, so I was very quick to change my hotspot name from my own name to something more obscure.

It’s very easy to do, just follow these instructions:

Now just change your phone’s name to something other than your own personal name and that’s it!

What security tips have you got in place for when you’re working away from your office?

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Small Business Tip: Change The Name Of Your Personal Hotspot

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