To begin with, what are advertising and its motive?

Advertising is a popular and essential aspect of promoting a business that acts as a communicator between the company and the audience. It is most likely referred to as a non-personal message or a message sponsored openly to advertise or promote a product, idea, or service.

The motive and purpose of using advertisements to promote a business are to inform and convince the customers that other mediums cannot, usually. Advertisements are highly related to media, and of course, we can see creative and innovative projections here. The more creative and unique the ad, the more it becomes popular to help the audience know about the product.

Classification In Advertising

1. Essential types of advertising:

Advertising as a business has got various types. So, let us look at them one by one!

1. Advertising on electronic devices or broadcasting:

● Television: Advertisements on television are potent ways to reach the audience. It has essential features like visuals, video, and audio effects necessary to promote a product.
Advertisement is sold based on factors like television programs, time slots, buying on multiple networks, and so on. It has got essential features like visuals, video, and audio effects necessary to promote a product.

● Radio: Advertising in radio is also the best way to reach the target audience. The regular listeners on the radio are the target audience here. However, there are no visuals on the radio, and this might be a drawback of the audience remembering ads while listening. You can expect better results and impact on the audience, but not as effective as ads on television.

● Podcasts: Podcasting is a new form of a platform similar to radio and sometimes television, but there’s no direct interaction between the host and the audience. A host creates his scripts or gets a script prepared by his company on a specific topic and entertainingly delivers the message. Through podcasts, people can be aware of the products, discounts or vouchers, and so on.

2. Online Advertising:

● Social Media Platforms: Advertising can be portrayed from another perspective in social media. Create awareness of your products on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest, etc. Upload writing, video, and audio content on blogs and articles.

● Mobile Advertising: Advertising through cellphones probably comes under social media advertising, sometimes. People who’ve access to phones and the internet can quickly receive information about products and brands through advertising.

3. Traditional Advertising:

How much new technology has developed, traditional advertising Print has still increased and has got a demand even now. Print reaches a large audience and, of course, has a specific yet target audience. Advertising in print has various forms. They are:

● Directories
● Brochures
● Flyers
● Posters
● Newspapers
● Magazines
● Postcards
● Letters

Advertising is indeed the most creative field that comes up with fresh and innovative ideas. The different ways to advertise based on the company’s requirements is what it makes look different!

Classification In Advertising

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