We’ve all had this happen at some stage – you’re out somewhere and you’ve forgotten your business cards. Whether you’ve been caught out at a party or you raced out to that morning networking breakfast and without your cards, forgetting your business cards can be a little annoying. But if you follow this quick and easy tip, you can always have your business contact details in a readily accessible form.

Go to your contacts on your mobile phone and add yourself as a contact. Fill out all the details with your mobile number, your email address as well as your website. Most phones will also allow you to add your Social Media Account names – I have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin attached to my contact card. Choose your logo and add it as the profile image for this contact and this way it will have a more professional feel about it.

Then, all you need to do is text it to the person and they’ll have everything they need to contact you and the added bonus is that it goes directly into their phone. I find this so handy – it’s not always guaranteed that I’ll have business cards on me but I will always have my phone! Hopefully this tip will help you out at your next networking event. If you have any other handy tips like this, please send them through!

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Networking Tip : Add Yourself As A Contact On Your Phone

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