Small Business Tool: AirDrop – What Is It & How Can It Make Life Easier?

I wanted to write this post because AirDrop is something I use semi-regularly and I’m kind of surprised when I talk to people about it and they haven’t used it. In my line of work I photograph, post and share a lot of content. Which means lots of tapping on my phone and lots of clicks on my laptop. Anything that will limit the number of times I have to touch my phone is a winner in my book. And AirDrop is one of those tools.

Usually when I mention it to people, they say the same thing: they’ve seen the icon on their phone, but have never bothered to look at it or to find out what it is.

The best way I could explain is it to share with you examples of how you can use it so I’ve added screenshots below (because I work visually and instructions are worth nothing to me without an image).

AirDrop comes in handy when you want to share images with people. Whether it’s from your phone or your laptop. I recently did a Fashion Parade for our school and the other Mums and I had a great time taking group shots in between walking down the runway. The photos were taken on my phone, so after it was all over I air dropped all the images to everyone. Even though we weren’t friends previously, all they had to do was turn AirDrop on on their phone and I could send the photos to them.

To make it happen, you:

1. Ensure everyone has their AirDrop turned on. Don’t bother going into settings on your phone, the fastest way to get there is to swipe up from the bottom of your phone.

Tap the airdrop button (under the volume)


2. Choose Contacts Only or Everyone. I usually choose Everyone because, like the Fashion Parade night, I was sending the images to people who I was with at that time but they weren’t in my contacts list. You can always change this later.

3. Choose the photo or item you want to share (you can AirDrop images, notes, contacts, videos etc).


4. Tap the ‘send to’ icon.


5. Tap the AirDrop icon

4. Tap their name (or the name of their phone) once it appears on your phone.  The transfer will happen once they’ve accepted it from their phone (the example below is me sending a photo to my MacBook Air).

The images will then go straight into their photos app. Easy!!

If you have any questions, or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at In the meantime, stay engaged, be present and have fun!







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