Small Business: Everything You Need To Know To Create Your Instagram Story


People love a good Instagram Story and it’s a great way for your business to share your day with your followers. It is also is an opportunity for you to post off-brand content in a free, fun & spontaneous manner. For the uninitiated, posting an image to your Instagram Story means that the content will automatically disappear in 24 hours and will not be part of your normal feed.

To create your Instagram Story, simply:

  • Open your Instagram app;
  • Tap the camera in the top left of your window;
  • Take a photo;
  • Add text or swipe up to access different emoticons
  • Swipe right to add a filter
  • Tap the arrow in the bottom right of your screen
  • Choose to add it to your story or send direct to people you select
Posting Photos More Than 24 Hours Old

While Instagram like you to be spontaneous with your posting and give you access to your camera to take a photo on the go, you are also able to upload your own photos from your camera roll. The catch is that you can only access photos on your camera roll from the last 24 hours.

If you want to post a photo that you took more than 24 hours ago, a hack is to screenshot your photo. This will put it into your camera roll and you can access it for your story.


Note that your Instagram Story will be subject to the same privacy settings you have on your Instagram account. So if you have a private account, this will also apply to your Story.

You can alter your Instagram Story privacy settings by tapping on the cog in the top left of your phone.

You can choose to the hide the story from specific people; you can choose who is allowed to send you a message via the story and you can also choose whether you want to save the photos you share to your camera roll.

Playing Around With Fonts/Text

You can access a large colour palette of fonts by swiping left.

You can also change the size of the font:

You can highlight the text:

Or change the alignment:

To add emoticons, swipe down & large range of emoticons will appear.


You can also write your own text:


And that’s all I can think of right now. Come on over to my Instagram account and follow me for all my tips and hacks (and check out my story while you’re at it!). If you have any questions on how to post to your Instagram Story, send me a message in the comments. Otherwise, stay engaged, be present and have fun!






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