Many people we talk to will ask us whether they need a strategy. And our answer is, “only if you want to know where you’re going”. The importance of a strategy lies in the fact that it defines your goals and how you’re going to get there. It is the anti-“let’s see how it goes” approach.

Now we’re not going to lie to you – we have a few clients who have just said “can you just start putting stuff up?” and certainly, we will do that for them. But we will always stress the importance of creating and implementing a strategy.

Set Up

Let’s say that you’re keen to get your business on Facebook and you have the time and confidence to run the page yourself. But there’s one problem – you have no idea how to create a page from scratch. This set-up package is designed for those businesses who don’t have a current Facebook page.

In this package we will create a customized Facebook cover image that will visually represent your business. We will also ensure your page is completely optimized for Google Graph Search by completing your About section and linking any other websites or social media platforms to your page. This package also includes up to three backposts; two stockshot images and one “Contact Us” tab customized for your page.


We’re all busy and owning our own business just makes things even busier. Being a small business owner myself, I understand that there are always elements of our business that we put in the “do it later” pile or “too hard” pile. We also know that some of those tasks are a necessity.

Most businesses understand the role that social media plays in their marketing mix and that is it a very real component of business that is not going to go away. So if you’re one of those businesses, but you would rather use your time working on your business, then our management packages are ideal for you.


So what if you’ve got your page, you have the time to manage it but you’re not sure what to do and where to start. Well, we offer a two-hour bespoke training session where we will cover as many queries you have surrounding managing your Facebook page.

As an example, we have had previous clients use the two hours to learn how to schedule posts for up to one week, and other clients have wanted to learn more about sharing, mentioning or commenting from their page.