I have no idea about social media, but I know we should be using it – can you help me?

Absolutely!  We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and would suggest beginning with my Social Media Strategy Package to determine your goals, how to achieve them and with which network/s.

Do I have to have a strategy?

You don’t have to have a strategy, but it is best to have a strategy.  We won’t lie to you – some of our clients merely want us to start posting content for them, and don’t wish to create a strategy.  But starting with a strategy ensures that you are focused on your goals and how to achieve them.

I want to manage my own business page but I have no idea where to start.  What can you suggest?

In this instance, we would recommend the following packages:

  • Social Media Strategy;
  • Facebook Page Set-Up; and
  • Facebook One-on-One Training.

With these packages you get the best all-round start for your social media journey.  The strategy will help highlight your target market and social media goals as well as provide an implementation and tactic plan.  The set-up package will ensure your recommended social media network is set-up and optimised for your business, and the one-on-one training will assist you with continuing your own page management confidently.

I need you to help get me started, but I may not need you to manage my page for a long time.  Do you have a minimum time for managing Facebook pages?

We request clients sign up for three months at a minimum.  When setting up and managing a page, three months is the minimum amount of time to start seeing some real results and receiving good Facebook Insight statistics to work with.

Can you help me get a lot of Followers quickly?

No we can’t.  And beware of anyone who says that they can.  Growing your fan base is more about quantity rather than quality.  Many businesses fall into the trap of believing that more is better, when in fact it is more about results.   A page with 100 followers could just as easily get more reach and ROI than a page that has over 5,000 followers.  It’s more about the quality of content and the engagement of the followers.

What if I decide to manage my own page after you’ve set it up and I get stuck.  Can I call you with a question?

Yes, absolutely.  We’ll gladly have a chat and see if we can help.  Alternatively, you can always send us an email .

How do I get started?

To get started click the CONTACT button below.